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Company facilities

Currently the company owns a production line of high-capacity sawmilling machines for wood: fixed circular screeds, machines for planing, cutting machine with bands (bandzeug) assuring processing the wood from the stump to the finished product.

Drying the half-finished products is done in drying chambers with a capacity of 150 cube meters / dryers of Italian construction which are controlled digital.

The company ensures adequate resources through modern equipment and trained personnel, to give assurances that the activities are conducted in accordance with the quality objectives.

Adequacy of resources is analysed in the course of regular analyses of management.

The resources involved in service provision, as well as quality audits include:

  • providing trained staff for all business, particularly for those with impact in the field of quality;
  • provision of qualified personnel for internal quality audits;
  • preparation of documented procedures for conducting activities influencing quality;
  • allocating sufficient time to carry out their work for all categories of staff.

About us

Our company is a privately owned company founded in 1995, with a length of more than 20 years, registered at the trade register under number J19/651/1995, with tax code RO7998561, situated in the commune of SARMAS, main street, no. 1117, jud.HARGHITA COUNTY, ROMANIA.
Pofiles are:
manufacture of finished products;
-mouldings from different wood essences;
For woodworking, the unit holds all the machinery of primary and secondary processing, also drying capacities of up to 150 cube meters on a drying cycle.
Product quality is guaranteed with certificates of quality
Our staff is qualified with work experience longstanding.
Management is ensured by the quality management and employers with experience in the field.
Management commitment:

The SC GENEX COM SRL has formulated a policy and laid down the main objectiveswith regard to the design, implementation and certification of a quality managementSystem.

Knowledge of the strategy and the implementation is done by:

continuous improvement of the system of communication;
satisfying customer requirements;
compliance with legal requirements;
methods of driving moderme (impersonal), based on quality management;
providing the necessary resources.
The committment, SC GENEX COM SRL communicates to employees as at the heart of its policy objectives for the satisfaction of customer requirements, legal requirements and regulations and continuous improvement of the effectiveness of QMS; ensure the availability of resources necessary to meet these objectives.

How to achieve the objectives of the quality and suitability of the quality policy at order GENEX COM SRL, SC are reviewed periodically, according to the PO-09 Analysis carried out by the management board, on the basis of quantifiable criteria/measurable.

As a result of these analyses, policy and quality objectives can be changed if there are appropriate policies and general objectives of the SC GENEX COM LLC.

In this way the SC GENEX COM SRL ensure the change for the improvement of theQMS is run in a controlled fashion and that the integrity of the SMC is maintainedduring the change.

Orientation to the customer

GENEX COM SRL SC leadership seeks both to satisfy his needs and the orientationbased on market requirements, new approach to activities.

Unspecified requirements of customers are analysed within both the analyses carried out by the management, as well as within departments.

SC GENEX COM SRL shall monitor information relating to customer perception,offering his evidence regarding the increase in the number of documented each yearand their satisfaction.

Quality policy

Desiderate SC GENEX COM LTD is to provide services of higher quality to meet customer requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the QMS. in this respect have taken a series of measures and constructive analytical, together, toachieve this objective.

GENEX COM SRL SC policy in the field of quality is based on the concept of meeting the specified requirements and its customers ‘ specified. This involves:

awareness of the need to implement the quality system;
the clarity of the objectives and the strategy to achieve them;
correlation between the individual and the Organization’s needs;
Organization and efficient functioning;
motivation and involvement of personnel;
compliance with commitments;
creating and maintaining a representative iAPini.
The actions already undertaken for controlled activity on quality management Systemof SC GENEX COM SRL are:

distribution of quality levels dissociated;
drawing up documents of quality management System;
control of quality records;
improving communication;
staff training in the field of quality management System.
This policy of implementing quality management System aims to:

certification of quality management System in accordance with requirements ofstandard ISO 9001: 2008;
maintaining and improving the quality management System;
addressing the issue of quality of service provided by SC GENEX COM SRL since theanalysis phase.
change of mentality on the responsibility and participation of each employee inachieving SC GENEX COM LLC;
The SC GENEX COM SRL undertakes to take all actions and measures for the implementation of effective, efficient and continuous Quality System
Quality objectives
SC GENEX COM SRL has taken all measures and has documented a quality Management System that:

identify all that apply and are kept under control;
determines the sequence of processes and their interaction;
ensure necessary resources both human and financial;
determines the actions that ensure that they are respected in the stages and phases ofdevelopment;
subject to approval by top management analysis on the functioning of the SMC.
Quality objectives are established as a result of tests carried out by management andare documented in Management programs. These are expressed in measurable termsand shall cover the following strategic issues through general policy Statement in the field of quality:
  • the number of complaints from customers;
  • level of satisfaction of the client.
Of these strategic objectives, the specific objectives are outlined in the relevantcompartment or function and documented annually by Management Programs that contain actions, resources, people in charge and deadlines for implementation.


The planning of the quality management system


Quality planning takes into account the way in which quality objectives are met,quality policy, ensuring the identification, definition and realization processes,allocating the resources necessary for achieving the objectives, ensuring themaintenance of the integrity of the system when changes occur and the elaboration ofquality system documentation.


in order to satisfy the conditions you specify count the following activities:


quality plans;
identifying and securing processes, resources and knowledge necessary to achieve the required quality;
preparation of documented procedures compatible with existing processes;
criteria for acceptance in terms of quality;
menţinarea records to be made objective evidence on the achievement of the required quality.
Responsibility, authority and communication


Responsibility and authority


The company organization is illustrated in the organizational chart presented in Annex1 of the manual of quality, identifying the personnel directly responsible for control and maintenance of quality management system.


The Organization shall provide the resources necessary to implement and controlQMS. These resources shall contain human resources and specialized skills, technologyand financial resources.


Organization of SC GENEX COM SRL is structured on two levels, namely:


Level 1-drivingis represented by the leadership of the society by the Director-general.The leadership decides on quality policy, approve the documents needed for thatpurpose and to check the quality, organize and provide resources necessary to maintain the system of quality management.


Level 2 –executionconsists of staff from all departments who carry out activities inaccordance with the provisions laid down.