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Company history

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Company History

The company was founded in 1995 with a total of 5 employees, operating in leasedspaces without drying and processing capacities. There followed a period of development of investment in the primary sector through the acquisition of advanced equipment, and construction of high capacity dryers for drying, production increasing from month to month arriving now in the processing of more than 3000 square meters per month from 800-900 sqm and the number of employees at 25, the firm bought the production spaces in which it worked, properly building the technological flow and built storage facilities with large capacities.

Other informations

The company also expanded on the market of other counties in which we provide transport of products to the beneficiaries and also on the foreign market the company has delivered throughout Europe including in Asia and the US. For a more exact location please see the map provided to you by our company under the heading CONTACT.