Lattice wood products (timber) produced by SC GENEX COM SRL: Timber (942-86, STAS STAS 8689-86) is roughly squared wood which is obtained from raw wood cutting in longitudinal sense obtaining products of various sizes (boards, strips, slats, rulers, squares, borders) having at least two flat and parallel surfaces.

Timber products are:

The boards have been produced with flat and parallel surfaces having a maximum thickness of 24 mm from softwood and 40 mm from hardwood with width of at least 80 mm;

Cases, products with flat and parallel surfaces with thickness between 28 … 75 mm from softwood and 50, 90 mm from hardwood and widths greater than twice the thickness but at least 100 mm;

The beams are produced with two, three or four flat sides, with rectangle or square section and the side of at least 100 mm and 120 mm from softwood or hardwood.

The rulers have the side of at least 100 mm for softwood and 120 mm for hardwood;

Baseboards, products with flat faces and parallel edges with thicknesses from 12 …24 mm and widths up to 48 mm from softwood thicknesses of 19. respectively. 40 mm and widths up to 40 mm at deciduous.

The timber can be processed according to customer order, namely:

after edge milling processing mode hemmed, with both flat edges or flat part; uncircumcised, with edge that keeps the log shape; semitivită, with a hemmed edge);

after the moisture content (green, with humidity greater than 30%, zvântată with moisture content of 24% […] 30%; semi-dry (2), with 18% moisture and … 24%; dry, with humidity under 18%);

after processing mode (unprocessed; semifabricată; prefabricated);

after the setting of the annual ring cross section (radial timber at the angle between the tangent to the annual rings and the face is 61 degrees … 90 degrees; Semiradial timber, at which the angle is 45 degrees … 60 degrees and tangential, with timber under the 45 degree angle);

after the treatment (steamed, antiseptized);

quality wood logs (ordinary timber; resonating timber; timber for keyboards);

dimensions (narrow, wide, long, short, super short).

Assortment of timber is delivered, in our country, in accordance with the provisions of STAS 942-86 for softwood and according to STAS 8689-86 for hardwood.

At customer’s request we can offer transport with the delivery in any country in the EU.

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